How we work

How we work

We believe that incredible things are possible when diverse groups are brought together with the right process to guide them.

We match key people from your organisation with our team of innovation specialists, film-makers, artists and storytellers to collaboratively envision, depict and evolve the future of your business as it will be experienced by your customers and society.

By applying the principles of human-centred design / design thinking, we help you gain insight into how your organization might improve the lives of future customers. We work with you to identify the emerging and often un-articulated needs that you organization will meet in the future – improving your customers’ lives, and making a positive impact on society.

The making of design fiction

How we work

You at the centre of the process

You and your people are part of every step in the design fiction production process – from setting the vision and initial storyboarding to filming in the studio.

Our talent meets yours

After we have a gained an understanding of your goals, we apply a talent-matching process to form the right team for the job. Screen-writers, graphic artists, business experts, movie directors and university professors are all among the roles that may feature in the development of design fiction.

Grounded in real customer insight

Design fiction is not just about wild ideas and special effects. It starts with seeking to deeply understand real customers. We apply human centred design / design thinking techniques to form meaningful insights into what people value and to to identify unmet or emerging needs.

Diverse input from your business

While we recommend a small dedicated senior sponsor team to drive the overall project, diverse teams from across the business should be invited to participate. Participants from Marketing, Finance, R&D;, Strategy, CSR and elsewhere are welcome.

Accelerated Production Events

Using a proven collaborative design process that incorporates new product innovation and film production methods, our combined teams work together to gain inspiration, generate and refine ideas, and ultimately co-create the story, messaging and imagery for the film.


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